Draum: Adhesive tapes for airtightness and wind-proofing of buildings

Made in France, 10-year guarantee


Manufacturing of Draum adhesive tapes in France

Draum adhesives are made in France and specifically designed to meet your airtightness and windtightness needs for your buildings (adhesive tape for wood construction, traditional buildings…)

Manufacturer of high quality adhesive tapes for 50 years

With our know-how and expertise acquired over many years, we are at your service to ensure the success of your construction project, and offer high-quality and high-performance adhesive tapes (adhesive tape for vapour membrane, double-sided adhesive tape, primers, …)

Draum, high quality products with a 10-year guarantee

With a 10-year guarantee on all our adhesives, Draum is committed to supplying you with long-lasting, high quality goods for all your construction projects.
For the implementation of its adhesive ranges, Draum provides a technical team to help you at your workshops or construction sites.



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